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Slight Loss Of Dignity

No Change There Then

Ianto Jones
19 August 1983
Of course bananas are far more interesting...

Name: Ianto Jones
Age: 26
Date of Birth: August 19th 1983
Place of Birth: Cardiff, Wales
Parents: Bryn, a master tailor, and Alis, a housewife. Both of them deceased.
Siblings: none
Religion: my parents raised me in the Anglican faith, but I have seen too much heartbreak and grief to count myself a true follower. Now I'm more of a dabbler.
Family Linage: human, or so I was last time I checked
Marital Status: it's a little indistinct.
Sexual Preference: with all due respect, but that is nobody's business except my own
Eye colour: greyish blue
Hair colour: a dark brown which tends to lighten during the summer
Skin tone: Welsh tinted, also known as very pale
Height: 6 feet
Distinguishing marks: a large scar on the inside of my left thigh due to... well, a rather life changing event I'd rather not talk about.
Tattoos and piercings: no. Just no.

Job description:
Most know me as the owner of the small, rundown Tourist Information Centre just off Mermaid Quay. I'm sure they would think me mad if I told them of the aliens, disappearance of corpses, hacking, cover up stories and memory-taking I deal with besides manning the office. I'm also the general support for my colleagues, the go-to-guy for any type creature comforts, and the head of the archives. Oh, and of course the constant provider of refreshments, particularly coffee.


Disclaimer: I created this journal for role-playing purposes only. I'm not Ianto Jones, nor am I Gareth David-Lloyd. Ianto Jones belongs to the BBC, GDL belongs to himself. I make no money with this RPG, nor do I gain any other benefit from this. I mean no harm and I don't mean to insult the actor, the BBC or the reader. My writing is a work of fiction.

This journal might contain adult themes. Do not read under the age of 16. You have been warned!

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